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Thank you for your interest in writing for Ucraft. We always look forward to hearing from writers who are willing to share their knowledge with us and our audience. Our mission is to provide our audience with in-depth content that helps them succeed in their business. If you think you are up to the task, we are waiting for you.

The following guidelines will provide you with all the information you need to know before submitting an article.

Who can write?

The great thing about submitting an article to Ucraft is the fact that we do not have any author requirements. You can be an online marketer, growth hacker, web designer, web developer, enthusiast or anybody else. The only thing we ask for is a great and relevant story about the topics we cover.

You can submit articles in the following categories: Web design, SEO, Social Media, Paid advertising and Blogging. Moreover, tips on growing an online business are more than welcome. If you have something else on your mind, we are looking forward to hearing about it too. However, we do not guarantee we will accept it.

Content Guidelines:

• Authentic content
We accept authentic, never published, content with minimum of 1000 words. Our standard is high mainly because we provide quality articles to our audience that are no less than 2000+ words. Ucraft’s audience loves reading content that puts a spotlight on the topics they can benefit from.
Keep in mind that we are strongly against keyword overstuffing and such articles will be immediately declined. Please follow Google’s guidelines regarding content SEO.
• Format & proofreading
Every article submitted must be formatted and scannable. Your text should be broken down into paragraphs and it should contain relevant headlines (use H2 for article headlines and H3 for article sub-headlines). Besides that, we strongly recommend using bulleted lists where possible. However, you should note that we do not approve of overusing bold and italic formatting.
Before submitting an article, make sure you proofread it and correct all grammar/spelling mistakes. Poorly written articles will be automatically declined.
• Relevant images / infographic
For each article you submit, you should provide us with at least one relevant image. You are allowed to include more than one image as long as they represent the content and you have the ownership over them.
Make sure the images are at least 800px wide. You are more than welcome to optimize each image you are submitting. We strongly recommend keeping the image size under 200kb.
• Links
Adding links is permitted, but we reserve the right to remove the added link(s) if it leads to inappropriate and not relevant resources.

What next?


Once you have written your article and followed our guidelines, it is time to send us your awesome creation.
Do not forget to tell us something about yourself . You are allowed to mention your website/blog as long as the mentioned link is appropriate and relevant.

That’s it. You are ready to share your thoughts with us!

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