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Our mission is to fill the web with organic, high quality content that brings value to startups, business owners, entrepreneurs and helps their businesses grow.

Please, follow these guidelines carefully before submitting an article.

Who can Write for Ucraft?

Experienced bloggers are welcome to submit articles in the following categories: Web Design, SEO, Social Media, PPC Advertising, Marketing, Blogging and e-Commerce business. 

Content Guidelines:

• Authentic Content
The articles should be at least 2000 words long. All submissions must be original, exclusive to Ucraft blog. The submissions that serve advertising purposes will be declined automatically.
Keep Google’s guidelines in mind regarding content SEO. 
If you do not hear from us within three business days, feel free to offer your article elsewhere.
• Format & Proofreading
Your text should be broken down into paragraphs with relevant headlines (use H2 for article headlines and H3 for article subheadings). We recommend keeping a clean formatting, using bulleted lists and other techniques to ensure readability. 
Before submitting an article, please proofread and correct all grammar/spelling mistakes. 
Poorly written articles will be rejected automatically.
• Relevant Images & Infographics
Send a minimum of 3 photos or original infographics that support your article. If the visuals are not original, they must be creative commons given credit where it’s due. The images should be optimized for the web (recommended size 200kb).

• Links
It’s ok to add links to your content, but we reserve the right to remove them if they lead to inappropriate, promotional or irrelevant sources. We will also give one dofollow link to an organic resource of your choice, if it corresponds with the topic and the guidelines of our blog.

If you find that your article fits these guidelines, send it our way. 

Do not forget to tell us about yourself in a short bio.

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